Chase the Last Long Days - Info


If you're reading this then you've already donated to enter the Chase the Last Long Days - a group Coast to Coast ride from Morecambe to Bridlington along the Way of the Roses route - taking place on 29 and 30 October 2021



This ride is self-supported over two challenging days:​​


Day 1 - Morecambe -> York - 172km / 107 miles (^1,700m or ^5,500ft) 

Day 2 - York -> Bridlington - 98km / 61 miles (^480m or ^1,500ft)

We'll be following the Way of the Roses Route:

Way of the Roses.jpg
Way of the Roses Profile.jpg


Cold Dark North, Zero Lemon and The Steezy Collective will help organise all the entrants into appropriate-sized groups so that we can spread out along the road.


These groups will be based around very rough average speeds to help riders self-select the best experience they are looking for. But don’t worry if your speed doesn’t map to one of these groups - we will regroup in York at the end of the first day and we’ll set off around the same time together on the second day - so plenty of chances to socialise outside the groups, if that’s your thing.

Initially, we’re aiming for a couple of fast, pacer groups led by Chris from Zero Lemon (something like av. 26-29km/h), a couple of steadier groups led by Tobes from Cold Dark North (perhaps av. 21-24km/h) and several groups led by the Steezy Collective, open to women and non-binary cyclists, where the average speed will be whatever suits the group - in true Steezy spirit!

If you're worried about speeds or anything to do with riding in a group, just get in touch with Chris, Tobes, or anyone from Steezy and we’ll get it sorted.

What do I do next?

Book your accommodation in York for 29 October. 


York YHA - there are lots of good options for places to stay in York, but we’re aiming for the YHA because it’s clean, secure and has separate bike storage. We spoke to them last week and there are lots of spaces for us all, but we strongly recommend booking to avoid disappointment. They have a mixture of single sex dorms and private rooms.


If you're looking to find someone to bunk up with on a private room, you can share your details or contact other participants who've shared theirs to arrange that on a Google Sheet that we've set up here. (We won't be checking this, so please only post your contact details if you're happy for other participants to contact you.)

Start to think about how you're getting to Morecambe and home from Bridlington. 


Where possible, we'd like to encourage entrants to use public transport (or ride to and from the start!) - there's more info on the official Way of the Roses Website, below - if you're keen on trying to arrange a lift share, let us know, we might be able to help a bit. 

Get excited! This is going to be awesome!


Some helpful links to give you more information about the route, the ride and what to expect:

The official Way of the Roses website

Komoot Review of the Way of the Roses Route

Komoot Route of the Way of the Roses (we can download and send you this route if you don’t have a Komoot subscription, don’t worry)

These rides are self-supported and so please read this disclaimer. We want you to know what you’re signing up for - this isn’t a sportive or an organised and supported event - just some folks riding a route for charity. 

Bicycle riding can be an inherently dangerous sport. These rides are open to everyone, but on the understanding that Zero Lemon, Cold Dark North and Steezy Collective can’t assume any liability for your taking part. 

By participating, we would like you to acknowledge that you will waive all claims against Zero Lemon, Cold Dark North or Steezy Collective for any injuries, loss or damage suffered whilst riding the route. 


As a reminder of what’s included:

  • Entry to join a great group of cyclists taking on a tough challenge together and raising money for really important charities.


and what’s not included:

  • Transport to Morecambe or from Bridlington to get home.

  • Accommodation in York. 

  • Food or supplies in York or for when you’re on your bike.

  • Any mechanical support – you’ll need to supply and carry your own tools, spares and skills.

  • Insurance – we strongly recommend that you join British Cycling to take advantage of their Liability Insurance and Legal Support in the event of any incidents that might occur whilst you’re on the ride (and whilst you’re riding in public spaces generally). 

If you have any questions, please let us know - there's no shame in asking at all: