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For far too long cyclists have been drawn to the iconic and charming French Alps, the savage and intimidating Dolomites or the tranquil and unusual Balearic Islands for their adventures. Well, frankly, don't.  


Within a short hop of the over-populated, traffic heavy South you could be exploring the stunning scenery and unblemished landscapes of Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire. The Lake District, the Dales and the Forest of Bowland are unchartered territory for too many cyclists from the UK and further afield.


Virtually traffic free routes through beautiful countryside over challenging routes to test even the best road and GRVL cyclists. All within fewer than 3 hours from London. Not a bike box in sight.  


Oh, and this isn't the Algarve or the Pyrenees. It might be beautiful but it's tough too, chances are you'll need a rain jacket and some proper grit to survive the challenge of our routes and races. Are you up for it?

Photography ⓒ various 2020- most notably Jenna Leigh and Daniel Bach (beautiful images used with kind permission)

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