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The heartlands of the Cold Dark North cover the North West of the UK. The vast areas of the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the Forest of Bowland are all subtly different. But the best of days in each is punctuated primarily by two colours – the iridescent blue skies and the lush green vegetation (fed by the regular rains). We know that winter is coming. Sometimes we wonder if it ever really left us. 

So we’ve teamed up with Zero Lemon and Attacus again to design and create a summer-weight long sleeved jersey that weaves our green and blue surroundings into the fabric of the kit but is versatile enough to be used all year round. When you ride this winter and into next spring, you’ll be reminded that those best days are just around the corner again - and this jersey will still be perfect for the "summer" ;)

The jerseys are available to pre-order direct from Attacus up to 5pm on Monday 5 October here:

The jerseys are £100 each and are available in mens and womens specific cuts and all the details of sizing and fabric specs are included on the Attacus product page.

After the pre-order window closes we'll submit all the orders together and the jerseys should arrive 8-10 weeks later. Hopefully it'll be sooner, but it's important to set clear expectations - this is a pre-production order and the jerseys will take a little while to make. They're worth it though!

We're expecting this to be a one off run - we won't be holding any stock - so this is your only chance to order.


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As an added bonus, we've ordered some snoods based on the brilliant designs which Zero Lemon have produced for the jersey. Each jersey pre-order will receive a free snood of your choosing. We'll be sending these out before the jerseys to help with the wait! They're normally £10ea, so, you know, bargain.

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