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(still) not a Thing, really…

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

What do you call a two-day, highly mixed-surface, "snackpacking" trip in the Forest of Bowland and the Yorkshire Dales with 60 folks to raise money for Women's Aid and Movember... well it's not a bloody THING, that's for sure...

For the third year running we teamed up with the good humans of Zero Lemon and the Steezy Collective to go on a bike ride, and then, we told a bunch of people they could come on the bike ride too if they wanted to. One condition - they had to understand, fully, that this wasn't an organised thing - just a bike ride, with snacks. Oh, yeah, on that note, we asked our mates from Outdoor Provisions to come and join us too!

Anyway - the route we planned was a challenging, very mixed-surface, YOMP from Lancaster over Salter Fell, sections of the Pennine Bridleway and into the Yorkshire Dales for a night in Malham before heading back to the Coast via Malham Tarn, Ribblehead and the Northern reaches of the Forest of Bowland. The elevation profiles below will tell you it's not an easy ride even before you factor in the surfaces involved. Our Rider Notes made a point of saying "you're not on Kent fire roads now, Dorothy".

Well - long story cut down into just a boat load of photos - zero fatalities, a splendid time had by all (/most/some) and friendships made for life! Here are some of our highlights:


Day 1 - Lancaster to Malham


Day 2 - Malham to Lancaster

You can see our Routes for (still) not a Thing on Komoot here and let us know if you'd like the GPX files. Keep on snacking.

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