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A Lancashire Hill-Pot 🌹👍🏻

Taking on the inaugural 100 Climbs Lancashire Challenge

We joined Simon Warren, author of the infamous 100 Climbs books (and X-Series App), for the first in his new series of Challenges. The format was simple, novel and appealing - starting from HQ riders had to choose which of the 9 designated climbs from the books they wanted to take on, in which order and how to navigate between them.

Each of the climbs had to be tackled from the "correct" side too, creating a slightly harder logistical challenge. Points were allocated on the basis of difficulty and distance from HQ and riders had to achieve at least 25/50 points available to succeed. We selected a route that took in Nick O'Pendle, Hall Hill, Newton Fell, Birdy Brow and Whalley Nab for 32 points - it was 103km and well over 2,500m^ - plenty for March!

The format also allowed for us to plan our own route back from the charted climbs, so we took the scenic route and took in some of the excellent East Lancashire greenways and bike paths along the way! Blesséd are the Routemakers, and all that jazz!

Here are the photos from a brilliant day out - we paid full price for our entry and enjoyed great value for money with the support at the excellent Polocini HQ in Rossendale, coffee, snacks and pizza after the ride. Thanks to Al and Simon for a great day out! Keep your eyes peeled for the next one - it'll be stabby as hell, but a worthy day out!

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