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Women's Race Skills Night

We asked Saint Piran Women's racer, and friend of the Cold Dark North, Gemma Sargent to come and help us run a covid-secure test event for women that are interested in learning new skills and trying crit racing. Here's her review and a few photos from a very successful evening's work:

"Tonight I went down to the circuit at Salt Ayre to help with a women’s race training session. I was asked by Deb and Toby of Cold Dark North to come to assist, so how could I refuse? Debs and I led the session and Toby was chief social media/photographer 🥰🙌🏻

The main aim was to help encourage more strong and talented women into racing by giving them the confidence to do so. The group was limited to 15 due to COVID restrictions, but every place was filled ♥️🙌🏻

We started off with some introductions of who Cold Dark North are and what they do, then who I was and what experience I have on the bike and with racing.

The evening consisted of various drills to help the riders gain confidence with their own ability and in riding with others.

We worked on "Through and Off", riding close to each other side by side, cornering at speed side by side, 1 lap race simulations in groups with sprints, 1 lap group race and finished off with Italian pursuit.

All in all I think the ladies had a blast & gained a lot from the session. They were asking when the next one was!

Thanks to the women for coming to the evening and Cold Dark North for having me."

We were delighted to have you along Gemma. Thanks again for your help and guidance!

We hope we might be able to run more of these sessions this season, so do keep your eyes on our social media channels of you're interested.

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